Anonymous Player Wins the GUKPT Reading Main Event

The world of poker is crazy and ever-shifting. This time, the craziness struck the GUKPT Reading Main Event where an unlikely candidate walked away with a £35.000 first prize. The victor decided to remain anonymous, so his identity and where he came from is anyone’s guess.

Anonymous Man Wins the GUKPT Reading Main Event

The event took place at Grosvenor G Casino, with 245 entrants fighting for the first prize. Even though Grosvenor is probably better known for having one of the best poker sites in the UK, this weekend they went all-in on their live event. The tournament had a considerable prize pool of £122.500, split among 23 finishers. The Day 2 of the GUKPT was pretty busy, and ten players left the event. The Day 3 started at 12 p.m., and it didn’t take long before there were only nine players left at the final table.

The first player to leave was Samuel Goodman. He met the anonymous winner head on and bet all-in (250.000) with a pair of kings. Anonymous had an ace-queen, so things were looking bad until an ace dropped on the river, forcing Goodman out of the tournament.

The next player to go was Ryan Cooper. He bet all-in against Peter Wigglesworth, with a king-high against Wigglesworth’s ace-high. The dealer did not yield any cards to both players, and an ace-high and a queen kicker kicked out Cooper.

The final battle took place between the anonymous winner and Gerald Crone. Crone had previously kicked out Michael Rolt with an ace-high. Anonymous faced Crone with six-five, while Crone had much better chances of victory going in blind with ten-four. However, flop yielded six-three-five, giving the nameless winner two pairs. Turn and river were of no help to either player, with a queen and a jack dropping, leaving anonymous an undisputed champion of the tournament.

However, the GUKPT isn’t over just yet. The next leg of the tournament will take place in July (1st-9th). Will the nameless victor be there to sweep up the competition once again? Well, we’ll just have to watch and see.

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