In a recent blog post, Party Poker announced that they would be making changes to the schedule of the Power Series tournament. So far, the tournament featured big-money guarantees and variety. In most cases, this is a good thing. However, in situations where a tournament lasts for too long, players just stop caring about these two things. Party Poker listened to their users’ feedback and made a couple of changes to their Power Series.

One of the reasons Party Poker is one of the best UK poker sites is that after they’ve announced the changes, the Party Poker team encouraged players to give them further feedback on the newest tournament changes.

The problem with the Power Series is that the late registration periods at the tournaments are quite long. With smaller buy-ins, players would sometimes spend a couple of hours before they know the size field of a tournament.

Another problematic area of the Power Series tourneys is the option of re-entering. When a player has the opportunity to re-enter the tournament multiple times, you could be playing against the same player and knocking them out several times before they’re out of the event for good.

So, here’s how Party Poker decided to go about these problems. Late registration periods will be significantly shorter. The poker operator will also decrease the number of re-entries on all multi-table tournaments. Another significant change focuses on blinds and antes. With the newest changes rolled out, blinds and antes will increase by maximum 10% in each level. The blinds will be much higher, and antes will be introduced at the beginning of an event.

All these changes should make tournaments shorter to complete. We’ll see how players will embrace the new changes.