partypoker Introduces New Table Layout and Other Visual Updates

partypoker, one of the most prominent poker sites in the UK, decided to surprise its players with a software update. From February 24th, all players who log into their accounts will receive an update for the partypoker client.

The update aims to polish the gambling experience on the platform, with a focus on improving their poker tables. Here are some significant changes in Saturday’s update.

partypoker Introduces New Table Layout and Other Visual Updates

First, partypoker has returned the oval table. All players will be able to choose to switch to the new design or stick with the current one. Second, players will receive new nameplates design with bigger font size and look. Third, they entirely redid the time-bank indicator. Finally, partypoker streamlined the player chat and notes.

Additionally, there are other smaller tweaks and changes that we won’t list here, mostly UX fixes and improvements.

partypoker proves once again that they are listening to their player base and their feedback. Even though this update isn’t a complete system overhaul, it comes at a perfect time.

From February 25th until March 4th, partypoker is holding the KO Series with $10 million guaranteed prize pool. The whole event will host 164 tournaments, ranging from $1.10 to $5,200 buy-ins. Furthermore, the series uses an exciting format called progressive knockout system. All players start with a bounty on their heads. As they progress through the tournament and eliminate other entrants, they will earn cash prizes.

If you are a partypoker player, you are in for an exciting weekend. Make sure you check out the update and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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