One of the main reasons why the best poker sites in the UK are the best is that they’re always coming up with new ways and games to entertain their players. PokerStars is one of the poker platforms that always work on raising the game to the next level. The latest innovation coming from PokerStars is the new variant of poker called Split Hold’em.

As the PokerStars Dan Price explained on the platform’s blog, Split Hold’em comes with a fresh format. Experienced poker players who enjoy playing No Limit Hold’em will have a thrilling experience playing the new version of poker. Split Hold’em is a variant of No Limit Hold’em, but it has two flops, two rivers, and two turns. To win the pot, players should win both the best hand on top board and best hand on the bottom board.

Dan Price further entices poker players by questioning their success in a situation where they have to consider two boards.

The new poker variant will be available for a specific period of time which makes Split Hold’em even more interesting. PokerStars players will have a limited time to master the game. The online poker community has already started numerous discussions about the best strategy for the new game. Knowing that the game won’t be available forever, this adds a bit more excitement to the game.

We have to admit, PokerStars chose the right moment to introduce this format. As of just a few days ago, the poker titan raised fees for multi-table tournaments. Poker fans weren’t happy with the latest change in pricing. This is why the timing for Split Hold’em is almost perfect. With the new game up their sleeve, the Stars Group has a chance to refocus the negative attention they’ve received for changes in the price structure.

For now, there’s no official statement about the details of Split Hold’em or when poker fans will get the opportunity to play it. As soon as the news arrives, we’ll let you know about this new exciting version of poker.