PokerStars Newest Early Payout Feature Rolled Out

The world’s largest poker site, as PokerStars describe themselves, introduced a new feature. Just a couple of days ago, this poker platform announced early payout tournaments that should appeal to poker players with smaller bankrolls and recreational players.

Interestingly, the newest addition didn’t create a lot of buzz around it. The poker platform decided to enrich player poker experience in quite a subtle manner. Nevertheless, players can now use this feature to receive min-cashes immediately.

PokerStars early payout tournaments don’t change the existing pay structure much, but they made it different enough for poker players to benefit from it. Namely, a player automatically gets min-cash the moment they reach the paying stage of a tournament. When they either bust out or win a tournament, they get a money prize for a particular tournament minus the min-cash from the total amount.

Players will benefit from the new payout arrangement by getting more flexibility when it comes to using their winnings. PokerStars, on the other hand, will see users participating in more tournaments, thus generating more rake.

The new payout feature is already available in many PokerStars markets. Furthermore, the UK’s leading poker site received mostly positive feedback on early payout tournaments. One thing poker fans don’t like is that the poker platform didn’t inform them about the new feature.

 All we know is that playing on PokerStars, one of the best poker sites in the UK, is like a roller coaster ride. At one point, users are unhappy with the changes in the pricing structure that were introduced in March this year. Next, players get enticing news about the new variant of poker, Split Hold’em. And now, there is a new payout system that allows newbies and recreational players to get their winnings instantly.

The latest news from PokerStars is that they organised their first-ever charity tournament for the Right to Play. From what we can tell, PokerStars always seem to be playing their cards right.

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