Titan Poker Review

Titan Poker is a member of highly regarded iPoker Network, which manages only the best online poker websites. Their poker software is developed and maintained by Playtech, which is one of the leaders in the online poker industry. Also, Titan Poker is a well-known name, and they organise thousands of tournaments each year with millions of players participating in them. So far so good.

However, I am not here to praise Titan Poker’s services and numbers. My goal is to create an in-depth and unbiased Titan Poker review. So, join me while I take a look at some of the most prominent features on this online poker platform.

Player base

The player base is the backbone of every online poker website. Low player numbers equal long queue times and empty rooms. High player numbers equal huge variety in games and non-stop action. Fortunately, Titan Poker rooms are stacked to the roof. They have created one of the liveliest and most active poker communities, so if you are looking for a competition at all skill levels, you will be pleased to hear that Titan Poker offers just that.

Titan Poker is extremely popular worldwide, including in the USA. Yes, their services are available for US players as well. If you are wondering which player base, EU or US, is more active, don’t worry. Both the US and Europe have tens of thousands of active players during their peak hours. That is more than enough competition for anyone.

Game formats and tournaments

Titan Poker is offering a huge variety of game formats and tournaments. That means you won’t have problems finding a game or a tournament format that suits you.

Game Formats

Titan Poker offers all popular game formats as well as some more obscure choices. By signing up for their services you will be able to play Texas Hold’em, Six Plus Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud, and Razz Poker. Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular formats, and you can find most of the players in these rooms. However, other formats have their own devotees as well. So, you probably won’t have trouble finding a seat in these non-Texas Hold’em rooms.


Let’s face it; tournaments are the reason why most players come to a certain platform. Single games can be fun and exciting, but nothing beats the thrill of winning a weekly or a monthly cup. Titan Poker is well aware of that. That is why they are organising tournaments for all types and levels of players. Both veterans and newbies can find a tournament to participate in and be competitive.

Beginners Freerolls are an amazing option for new players. You can enter them free of charge if your account isn’t older than 90 days. There are six freerolls tournaments played every day with cash prizes given after each one.

VIP tournaments and VIP Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments are available for every player that has reached at least level two of Titan Poker’s VIP loyalty scheme for the first ones, and level three for the latter ones. These tournaments are free of charge if you meet the VIP loyalty requirements, so if you have time make sure you participate in them.

Guaranteed Prize tournaments are held on a daily basis with entry fee ranging from €10 to €50 and prizes ranging from €3,000 to €10,000. These tournaments are available for everyone who has money for a buy-in, and I mean everyone. So, if you are a new player or you are not certain about your poker skills, you should hold off joining these tournaments because the competition will be tough.

Finally, we have Daily tournaments. These tournaments are running throughout the whole day. Almost every 15 minutes a new tournament starts. Buy-ins range from €0.45 to €45.50, so as you can expect there is something for anyone, regardless of one’s skill level.

Promotions, bonuses, and other features

Promotions and bonuses have become a standard practice with all online poker platforms. They compete with each other by offering bigger, crazier, and more outrageous bonuses and promotions. So, let’s see how good Titan Poker’s Welcome package is, as well as their other promotions.

Welcome Package

This is probably the most interesting part for new players, or at least it should be. Starting a brand new online poker account can be heavy on your wallet at the beginning. That is why all online poker companies offer a Welcome package.

Titan Poker, in particular, has a spectacular one. First, you will get a 200% bonus of up to €1500 on your first deposit, as well as 10,000 Titan Treasure coins. Second, you will gain a 90-day access to Beginners tournaments, which are held on a daily basis. Finally, you will get a Titan Poker promo code package for freerolls with €12,000 in combined prizes.

Refer a friend

Titan Poker offers amazing bonuses if you bring some of your friends to their platform. You can earn up to €500 in cash by referring one person. Of course, there are some requirements you need to fulfil. You need to download Titan’s software through your referral link, make a deposit of €20 or more, and earn 100 Titan points in first 30 days. This seems like a lot, but it isn’t. If you have a friend that wants to start playing online poker this is the way to go. Both of you will earn a Titan Poker bonus code and much more.

Titan Treasure

Titan Poker is currently running this awesome promotion. There is no need to apply or enter anything. Simply, play poker as you always do, and you will earn Gold Coins, which you can trade for treasure tickets. Treasure tickets contain anything from a tournament token, Titan Poker bonus code for cash, Titan Poker merchandise, and club points. Free stuff is always good.

Compatibility and ease of use

Now that you know what game formats and tournaments you can play at Titan Poker, let’s see how intuitive and accessible their software is. As I said in the introduction, Playtech developed Titan Poker’s software. If we are to go by their reputation, you can expect nothing but pure excellence.


Titan Poker is available on all popular platforms. That means you can play Titan Poker on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices, as well as straight from your browser. Yes, Titan poker instant play is available, and you won’t need to set up anything beforehand. Just make sure you have an updated version of Adobe Flash player on the computer. Additionally, Titan Poker for Mac as well as for Windows has both instant play and a downloadable version. There are no drawbacks to either of them, so feel free to play on the one that suits you better.

Software interface

This is probably a personal preference, but I like my poker software clean and easy to use. Fortunately, the Titan Poker app for both iOS and Android is the sleekest thing available. A simple and clean interface and intuitive navigation are included in the Titan Poker mobile version. But what of their desktop software? Well, it’s decent. There is nothing wrong with their interface, but it’s also not that great. In my opinion, it’s a little bit outdated. However, I must say that Titan Poker’s desktop software is extremely responsive. There are no input delays or stutters as far as I can tell.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Poker sites can succeed or fail based on what payment and withdrawal options they offer. There is nothing worse than finding an awesome poker website only to realise that it doesn’t support your preferred payment method. We have reviewed both rich and lacklustre poker sites on our website, so let’s see where Titan Poker stands compared to them.

Deposit options

Titan Poker is outstanding when it comes to payment options. They accept payments from any source, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Univoucher, TrustPay, and so on. It is easier to list payment methods that Titan Poker doesn’t support than the ones that it does. Of course, some options won’t work in some areas, so make sure you check that before you try to make your first deposit.

Withdrawal options

Withdrawal options are equally important for players. Some poker websites are stingy when it comes to paying out their players. Fortunately, you won’t have such problems with Titan Poker. They offer swift and easy withdrawal options. Just a little heads up, depending on your bank the money transfer might last a couple of days, and the bank might bill you a fee.

Security, licenses, and customer support

Playing with real money requires a lot of security protocols and privacy features. You would be pleased to hear that Titan Poker takes this part of their business extremely seriously. They use the latest security methods to keep your data away from prying eyes. Titan Poker is currently using 128-bit SSL encryption to keep all your data private and 256-bit SSL encryption to secure all online transactions. I give them a big plus for their security measures.


Having a clean and fair gaming environment is essential for all online poker websites. That is why all these websites have to undergo a regulation check. Titan Poker is regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This commission guarantees that all games played on this platform are according to the recognised standard of fairness.

Customer support

Customer support is available 24/7 365 days to all Titan Poker’s users. Regardless if you are having trouble redeeming your Titan Poker promo code or your app client crashed mid-tournament, you will be able to contact their support via email, live chat, free phone call, and support ticket. Huge props to Titan Poker’s customer support efficiency.


  • Available worldwide, including in the U.S.
  • Incredible security measures
  • High player base
  • Non-stop tournament action
  • Varied payment options
  • Stellar customer service


  • The software could use a visual update
  • Could use more game formats


And that is all for this Titan Poker review. As you can see, Titan Poker is more than your ordinary online poker website. Titan Poker claims that they are one of the best online poker companies, and they have proved it. With excellent tournaments, superb customer services, and a safe platform, I recommend Titan Poker for both newbies and veterans. But enough of me, let’s see what you people have to say. Leave a comment down below, and share your experiences with Titan Poker.

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