The 2018 UK Poker Championships Schedule Is Out, and We Are in for a Treat

The 2018 UK Poker Championships is just around the corner, and we are slowly starting to receive the information about the event. Today, the Dusk Till Dawn casino officials have released the schedule and prize pools for the entire championship.

First, the prize pool has reached £2 million in guaranteed money. The main event carries a £1 million prize pool, and five side events have a £200,000 prize pool each. The whole event is organised by the Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham and one of the best poker sites, PartyPoker.

The 2018 UK Poker Championships schedule

There are six tournaments in at this event (five side events and one main event), so here is their program, buy-in, and prize pool info.

  • The event kicks off with the Open tournament starting on 17th February and ending on 20th February. The buy-in is £200+20. As we said before, the prize pool is £200,000 Gtd.
  • Next tournament is the Super High Roller £200K Gtd. It runs for two days, from 19th February-20th February. The buy-in is £5,000+300, and you can buy a single re-entry.
  • The third tournament is the Warm Up £200K Gtd. As its name suggests, this tournament is a warm-up for the main event, and it runs from 19th February and concludes on 21st February. The buy-in is £500+50.
  • The fourth side event is the High Roller £200K Gtd. With its £2,000+200 buy-in fee, this tournament is another excellent option for high stakes players. Runtime is from 23rd-25th February.
  • Fifth and final side tournament is the Finale £200K Gtd. with a £200+20 buy-in fee. This tournament lasts from 23rd February to 25th February and has unlimited re-entries.
  • Finally, the Main Event kicks off on 21st February and ends on 25th February. The prize pool is £1 million, and the buy-in is £1,000+100. However, there are many satellites both online at PartyPoker and offline at the DTD casino. Buy-in fee for the DTD Mega Satellite tournament is £100+10.

The 2018 UK Poker Championships is shaping up to be a fantastic event. All of you who plan to participate, we wish you the best of luck. The rest, make sure you come to our website for updates from this event, as well as other poker news.