Affiliate Disclosure

Why Affiliates?

In order to bring you the most objective and unbiased evaluations of poker sites, our website uses an affiliate system which allows us to earn revenue without any impact on the quality and objectivity of our reviews. That means, that although we earn income through affiliate system, our reviews will still be completely unbiased and trustworthy.

Think about it: we are on a mission of presenting you with the best poker sites in the UK. In order to create a selection of poker sites, we need to deposit and play on these poker sites with real money. The affiliate system lets us do just that while at the same time coupling solid poker sites with you, the readers.

In addition, running a website is a hard, time-consuming and expensive endeavor. The affiliate system we use also helps us create the best possible site content and experience since we do not rely on any ads for the income. Our only aim is to create objective and unbiased content for our readers and not bother them with any ads, and the affiliate program is perfect for that.

How Does the Affiliate System Work?

We will not ask you for a momentary compensation at any point. However, we need to pay our bills, and that is why we enter into an affiliate agreement with the sites we’re reviewing. This means that each time you visit a poker room through the affiliate link provided on our website, we get a small commission.

Note that we become affiliated with the poker room only after we have already made a review of the said sites. This means that our reviews aren’t in any way influenced by the agreement we have with any of the poker rooms presented on our website.

In addition, the affiliate program lets us run our website without any annoying ads that might bother you while enjoying our content.

Become a Contributor!

If you’d like to become a contributor at our site, we can assure you right from the start that it’s completely free and that we have a strict policy on information safety, meaning we won’t disclose your info to anyone. In addition, becoming a contributor is a great way to do away with those pesky ads that litter your website and still get the influence you want – all we ask for are your permission and the affiliate link.