Affiliate Disclosure

This website is completely independent, and our primary goal is to help poker enthusiasts all over the world find the best and safest sites to play poker on. Since our main goal is to help you, the only reasonable thing is to be completely transparent and honest with you. That’s why we’ll share how we pay our bills and how we can assist you in the process.

Why affiliates?

If you’ve ever owned a website, you know how much effort needs to be put into maintaining the level of quality your readers expect from you. However, your hard work won’t mean a thing unless you have the funds to maintain the site. That’s where affiliates come in quite handy. Since our website is ad-free, and we plan to keep it that way, we need your help to keep us going.

How can you contribute?

The affiliate system is quite simple. Every time you visit one of the poker sites we’ve reviewed through our affiliate link, we’ll get a small commission. It’s a win-win situation: you get a welcome bonus, and we get a small reward for finding the best bonus for you.

Why should you contribute?

The first reason is apparent—it’s completely free! Also, visiting the poker site through our affiliate link won’t alter your experience in any way. Finally, it’s completely safe since no personally identifiable information will be collected. All things considered, the real question would be—why wouldn’t you contribute?

Become a contributor!

Before we wrap things up, it’s important to know that we only become partners with a poker site after our writers have finished the reviews. This way, we ensure that our reviews will be genuine and 100% unbiased. We can only keep doing what we’re good at if you support us with clicks, and we would truly appreciate your help.