One of the UK’s top-tier online poker venues, 888poker, has announced a new leaderboard promo for blast players. The top 50 players across the four separate leaderboards of the blast arena will win a share of a $5,000 prize pool.

For those who aren’t familiar with blast, here’s the lowdown: it’s the ultimate jackpot sit & go game that lets gamers win big from a deep prize pool. Indeed, participants can win up to 10,000 times their original buy-in.

Those who wish to participate should join the blast arena, hit the leaderboards, then choose one of the four options. Playing the game earns you points, which rank you on the leaderboard of your choice: two points for the first place and one point for the second or third place. After you win these points, they will be multiplied by whatever blast multiplier you get for that game.

888poker has decided that only your first 10 or 30 games per day will be relevant for this promotion. Considering that playing blast requires less than five minutes, this means those who don’t want to gamble all day long won’t be disadvantaged. The top-ranking players on each leaderboard will be rewarded.

Having been around for more than two decades, 888poker is a global brand that offers myriad poker games, including Texas hold’em, Omaha, PKO tournaments, cash games, and online poker series. On top of that, gambling enthusiasts can play blast, jackpot sit & go, and snap fast-fold poker.

Stuck at home due to the unprecedented global pandemic, more and more people in the UK are spending their time scrolling through a plethora of online casino apps to kill time. With this ongoing blast leaderboard promotion, climbing the ladder has become more appealing for the gambling enthusiasts out there.