Okay, let’s spice things up a bit. You can’t bluff your way out of this one; we know you’ve heard of strip poker, and while you might not have played it, you’ve undoubtedly seen scenes in college comedy films when this game goes horribly wrong (usually for the awkward guy).

But have you worked up the courage to invite your crush over for a game? Once again, we think we can guess the answer. That’s why we’re here – to walk you through your preparations for a poker night with a naughty twist.

If you always wanted to know how to play strip poker but were too embarrassed to ask, this article will explain the logistics and rules of the game, as well as adding some spicy tips. Whatever your intentions are, we can guarantee that even if you lose at strip poker, everyone wins. Wink wink.

A strip poker night might be the perfect pastime when you’ve got nothing else to lose. You can leave your hat on.

What Is Strip Poker, Anyway?

At face value, strip poker seems like regular poker. However, there’s a twist: your clothes become the currency. If you’re wondering how to play strip poker with your wife, just remember: it’s not about outplaying her. The main goal is to get your opponent naked and enjoy the flirty and bubbly atmosphere. And if you also end up naked, well… worse things could happen.

While any form of poker can be adapted to become a stripping game, it’s much better to play it with simple variants such as five-card draw. If you’re into Texas hold’em strip poker, that’ll work, too. Just make sure you’re not too strict with the rules. Remember, it’s all about the atmosphere.

Smokin’ Atmosphere

When talking about strip poker, how to play isn’t really the most pressing issue. It’s more about creating a hot atmosphere by dimming the lights, getting the food right, and having a few drinks before you deal the cards. Here are some tips for setting the mood:

  • First things first, you need to invite like-minded people who are open to the idea of a risque game and would feel comfortable in their birthday suits. A group of close friends, your partner, or even a group of strangers is totally okay, as long as everyone feels comfortable. Strip poker is really not for shy or self-conscious people.
  • You might be wondering: how many people can play strip poker? Well, as long as there are two to tango, you’ll have fun. The upper limit is six, so keep that in mind when you send invitations out.
  • Set some boundaries at the beginning. Are you planning on leaving only your hat on, or your undies, or… nothing at all? That usually depends on the people you’re playing with. If you’re having a girls’ night with your besties, you’ll probably start with earrings and leave your undies on. If you’re playing with your partner, you’ll probably end up dressed as Adam and Eve…
  • When you’re discussing how to play strip poker, make rules. Will earrings and watches count? Are you going to use chips or not? How valuable will each item be? For example, a ring could be worth one unit, but underwear could count as 10 units. However, don’t be too strict with the rules; you don’t want to kill the vibe.
  • Set up a cozy and comfortable atmosphere by dimming the lights, playing some soft music, and offering drinks. Make sure everyone gives their consent to play a strip poker game; you don’t want anyone who’s embarrassed to get their jiggly bits out in front of a bunch of people.

Hold All the Aces

Now that you know how to show you’re willing to play strip poker and talk others into it, let’s look at the rules, strategies, and tactics for playing.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A deck of playing cards
  • Chips (optional)
  • Layers and layers of clothes
  • Some additional robes if someone gets chilly
  • Drinks and snacks

As for the rules, try to go for the most straightforward variant possible; you don’t want people freezing out there, waiting for someone to figure out their next move. We recommend simple variations of poker, such as Texas hold’em of five-card draw. You can make your own combination and set your own rules, but keep it simple.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to play strip poker and have loads of fun along the way.

  • Set up a game

The time has come to hand the chips over to the players – if you’re using them, that is. Ensure everyone has the same size stack to start with and allocate items of clothing to each chip. Not everyone will have the same amount of clothing, so to make things even, assign different chip values to different articles. For example, a dress could be worth three chips, but a single sock would only be worth one. You can also make the game more interesting by using earrings, bracelets, and watches.

  • Deal the cards

Wondering how to play strip poker with chips? Now that you’re all set, start shuffling the cards and dealing each player two cards for them to look at. They should then get another two cards, which should remain face down. If you’re playing a five-card draw game, then everyone is simply dealt five cards.

  • Deal the flop

If you’re a true Texas hold’em player, you’ll be familiar with the next step: deal the flop – three cards face up on the table. Everyone can use these cards to help construct a five-card hand. Let the stripping fun and games begin!

  • Try a blind exchange

Don’t worry; you won’t need to be blindfolded (unless you want to). If you’re wondering how to play strip poker with two or more people who aren’t very experienced, this is a good addition. It allows them to swap one or both of their face-down cards, provided they haven’t already seen them.

  • Add community cards

Add two more face-up cards to the flop, then you’ll have five community cards in the middle of the table. Players can use both their personal cards and the community cards to make the best five-card poker hand. Et voila – your strip poker game is up and running, easy as that.

  • Play and win 

Chips stand for clothes in a game of strip poker, so if you have the worst hand, you’ll have to take your clothes off. It’s only fair to ask: how long does it take to play strip poker? Well, you’ll keep playing until you have nothing more to lose except for your underwear… and perhaps your dignity.

Five-Card Draw

Five-card draw is probably the best poker variant for strip poker. It’s straightforward and not too demanding, so newbies won’t have problems picking it up.

At the start of the betting round, everyone should nominate the item(s) of clothing they will stake. If you’re wondering how to play strip poker without chips, you don’t need them when playing five-card draw.

Once everyone gets five cards, strip poker can start. If they wish, players can exchange up to five cards to try and make a better hand. Tabling the hands is the next move, and the player with the best hand wins. He or she doesn’t have to take their clothes off, but can nominate one player who should do so.

Another option is to have the person with the worst hand strip or have everyone except the winner start stripping. If you decide on something like this, make sure you clarify the rules beforehand.

Reverse Poker

Those who would like to know how to play reverse strip poker can think of adding bonuses to their regular poker match. This can prolong and spice up the game. How about rewarding a player who gets a full house or quads by letting them put one item of clothing back?

Real reverse poker goes a step further; players should bring their own clothes, load them up in bags, then mix them up. Those who lose the hand have to put on the items of clothing that others randomly pull out of the stack. You never know what you’ll end up looking like, and that’s the catch. Who said strip games were all about nudity?

Texas Hold’em

If you’re googling “how to play strip poker for two,” then you’d better skip this section. Should you want to play with several people, then Texas hold’em is your best choice, even if the most popular poker variant might be too tricky for some players. Here’s a lowdown on the rules of Texas hold’em strip poker.

Instead of relying on the player with the worst hand to take their shirt off, or on the winner to do the same, Texas Hold’em is all about betting clothes. One notable rule is that those who fold before the flop don’t have to start stripping. That’s a great answer to the ever-lasting question: how to get my wife to play strip poker? Namely, players with this pre-flop tactic can stay warm and keep their dignity intact longer, if they so choose.

As for the rules, you can shuffle them up as you would a deck of cards. Start by dealing two cards face down to each player, then deal the flop, turn, and river. For an extra spicy twist, add an additional betting round on the river and have players up the ante.

Can You Play Strip Poker Online?

Now we come to one of the most googled terms ever: how to play strip poker online? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t ask this question about your favourite online casinos.

What’s more, online strip poker now has many fans worldwide, and there’s one major reason why: the lockdown. Ever since the pandemic began, players have switched to online poker venues searching for safe fun and games.

Numerous websites offer online strip poker game choices: all you have to do is search for the one that suits you the best. If you want to play without your clunky desktop computer, you can find plenty of casino apps for your phone; it’s not hard to figure out how to find strip poker on Google Play or the App Store.

Once you’re all set, make sure to turn on your webcam or the camera on your phone. You can’t just watch; you have to participate. You can enjoy strip poker online live with real dealers as you would in any other live dealer casinos, while also meeting some new people along the way. Indeed, you can strip the shirts off their backs… literally.

If stripping in front of a bunch of unknown peeps isn’t exactly your cup of tea, we have a suggestion for you. Why not invite over a friend, or a couple of them, and throw a poker party? Or, if you can work out how to play strip poker on Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other video app, you can do the whole thing online. Make sure your friends aren’t too shy and are willing to participate with their camera on. The rest is easy: shuffle the cards and turn the heating so you don’t catch a cold.

Hold Your Cards Close to Your Chest

Whether you’re into anime strip poker, real poker in the casino with dimmed lights and heavy smokers, or an online strip game with complete strangers, the feeling is always the same: anticipation, rising tensions, bluffing, and cheeky winking. It’s all fun and games when your clothes are at stake, but the passion for the game remains.

It’s more popular than you might think; housewives google how to play strip poker with their husband, students are into online strip poker, and couples might want to spice things up. Whatever reason you might have, the most important thing is to be respectful to others, especially those who don’t feel comfortable in their birthday suit. Make sure you have their consent and stop if you think things are getting out of control. And, most importantly, have a good time when you and your friends decide to embark on this naughty journey.



  • How to play strip poker with chips?

If you already know how to play strip poker, using chips won’t be too hard to grasp; simply allocate items of clothing a value in terms of chips before you start. Given that not everyone will have the same number of articles of clothing, you’ll have to assign different chip values to earrings and undies, for example, to make things even. Once you’re all set, use chips as “lives” and play for as long as you have them in front of you.

  • What is a strip poker definition?

Strip poker is a variation of poker in which players use their clothes as the currency. Losing a hand in strip poker means taking off one item of clothing. The rules shouldn’t be that strict; if you want to know how to play strip poker online with friends, just adapt any form of poker and turn your camera on. The focus should be on the atmosphere, so players tend to choose less demanding variations and simplify the rules.

  • Is there a strip poker app?

Yes, there are many strip poker apps that you can download from Google Play or the App Store. Blackjack Legends: 21 Online Multiplayer Casino, Strip Poker – Two-Player, Adult Fun Poker, and Poker Legends: Texas Hold’em Poker are some of the most popular ones.

  • What are the rules of strip poker?

Those wondering how to play strip poker don’t have to stress too much, as the rules are the same as regular poker. The only twist is that players use their clothes instead of money. The most popular form of strip poker is five-card draw, which is also the easiest. However, you can also play Texas Hold’em with strip rules.