If you’re in a lucky 20% of PokerStars players, you could be enjoying cashback on your bets at this popular poker site.

PokerStars is testing the water to return to the massive cashback rewards it used to offer high-tier VIP players. During the trial period, which is set to run until September 30, a select number of players will have access to Monthly Poker Challenges. This is a fresh new rewards program through which players can earn up to 40% cashback on top of the 15-25% the site currently offers within its rewards program.

“We’ve been listening to customer feedback with plans to make improvements for some time now, and this trial is the largest step we’ve taken thus far to address player concerns,” said Severin Rasset, managing director of poker at PokerStars.

The distribution of players eligible for the Monthly Poker Challenge, as well as its rewards, are partially randomised. First of all, the 20% player base is picked entirely at random. Then, the site offers rewards that range from $40 to $2,400, depending on each player’s profile level. Once the player accepts the challenge, they’ll be required to score a certain number of reward points – 100 points for every $1 rake and 45 for every $1 in tournament fees – before they can reap the rewards.

It’s evident that PokerStars is trying to gain an edge over its competition. Many similar sites have already been offering up to 60% in cash back, so this additional 5% will most likely sway the players towards this site. The company’s representatives added that they’re looking for more transparency toward players, and the first step is an overhaul of the rewards club. The cashback should start at a whopping 55%, and players will need to rake in just $3.33 to unlock the first loyalty tier.

Whether PokerStars keeps this temporary rewards plan after the trial period depends on players alone, as the site will be sending surveys to all participants to determine how successful the program was.