World-famous Brazilian football star Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior announced on April 14, 2021, that he has taken on the role of PokerStars’s cultural ambassador.

This collaboration will entail a series of creative projects inspired by various cultural aspects from around the globe. To kick off the campaign, Neymar has created a series of playlists to provide the perfect soundtrack for every type of poker game.

The announcement was also followed by the launch of PokerStars’s latest TV advertisement, which features Neymar tossing a chip to a hotel employee who’s just finished his shift. Throughout the following scenes, the chip goes from one hand to another, only to find its way back to its original owner, Neymar. The advertisement is meant to be interpreted as a metaphor for how the soccer player’s love for poker spreads through the community.

Neymar first signed a contract with PokerStars back in 2015, right after scoring the goal that secured FC Barcelona’s spot in the UEFA Champions League Final. The contract expired in 2017, meaning this is Neymar’s second time as PokerStars’s ambassador. The world’s leading poker cardroom isn’t known for cooperating with its representatives more than once, yet it seems to have made an exception this time.

“Competing with my friends is a huge passion of mine, I love the sense of community, the fun, and the unpredictable moments that can occur in any game. As a true poker fan, I am excited to start a new chapter with PokerStars. Together we’ll be creating moments for our community and fans all over the world”, said Neymar in 2020, when the partnership was officially announced.

With Covid-19 keeping everyone from leaving their homes, more and more poker enthusiasts are turning to poker apps and websites. Knowing this and in celebration of the renewed partnership, PokerStars has also prepared a giveaway. Between April 14 and 23, punters playing on the PokerStars website will be able to win cash prizes, freeroll tickets, and Golden Chips, which unlock Neymar Jr X PokerStars gift boxes.

The world may still be struggling to get back to normal, but at least there are some great live poker, bitcoin poker and video poker sites out there to help punters wait it out.