One of the tremendous online tournaments is back in full force, with many prizes for its numerous participants. The Unibet Online Series is underway for the twelfth time and will last for 15 days, until May 31, at 23:59 UTC. The series has a guaranteed €650,000 celebration prize pool, along with an extra €23,000 that can be won through various tournaments and leaderboards.

There are 102 events included in the online series, with four types of buy-ins and corresponding leaderboards where all participants may get a portion of the winnings. There are also mystery and exclusive satellite tournaments included. Users can compete as nano rollers or play all the way as high rollers.

To engage in this promotion, start by going to the tournament lobby in the poker client and type  “UOS” in the search bar to locate all Unibet Online Series events. Win entire pots, gather leaderboard points, and get as high as possible on the leaderboard ladder. Only users from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Belgium will not have leaderboards.

You can participate in Micro, Low, Mid, and High tournaments and get one leaderboard point for every play. One of the remarkable things about this promotion is that Unibet is entirely transparent about the formula used in calculating who gets the leaderboard points and who doesn’t. The players who end up in the top 17% will get extra points. Only Nano events bring no points.

The winnings will be transferred to eligible users within three working days after the promotion ends. Unibet once again took a very secure and fair angle when it comes to its promotions so that all players can focus on having fun.

For the Low-event leaderboard, a total of €2,000 is divided among the top 50 players. For the Mid leaderboard, €3,500 is shared among the top 40 players. The high event leaderboard has a prize pool of €4,500 that’s split between the top 25 players, while for the overall leaderboard, the top 50 players share €10,000.

The Nano tournaments have a total prize pool of €1,000 shared equally among all qualifying users. With such stellar prizes from one of the best poker sites, the Unibet Online Series XII promotion is shaping up to be a unique experience.